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RIVAG Rheinland-Immobilienverwaltungs AG

RIVAG Rheinland-Immobilienverwaltungs AG invests exclusively in German residential and care properties with no or a small share of commercial space. And this has its reason.

RIVAG - Who we are:

The RIVAG Rheinland-Immobilienverwaltungs AG has existed ever since 2008. Founded as a private limited company, we now trade as a German public limited company following a capital increase in 2010.

A professional management team with long-standing experience in the real estate business underpins our company. As a result we have access to a tightly meshed network of real estate specialists, banks and estate agents in different regions.

The demand for affordable homes in locations with opportunities for growth is constantly rising. This development has emerged from the ever growing number of single households and sustained migration. At the same time, the demand for constantly higher living standards also needs to be satisfied.

The decision regarding the right location is subject to permanent change. Whilst the large cities and metropolitan areas, in particular, were traditionally considered the most lucrative locations, the surrounding areas around the boom cities offer good to excellent gains with superior rental income as the market in prime locations such as in Berlin, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt has run too hot already and there hardly offers interesting returns.

We are seeing a comparable development in a few of the other new German states – in some cases there has been an even better performance.

In the coming decades, the share of elderly citizens and those in need of care in our country will continue to rise. Thus the demand for old people's and nursing homes is rapidly growing. Here we see a further important and necessary commitment for RIVAG and which we are placing an increased focus.

However, it is just as important to react to new market demands quickly and efficiently, e.g. regarding the quick provision of decent homes for large numbers of people.

Thanks to our first-class knowledge of the market and contacts, we are also able to continue finding suitable properties with the appropriate potential for development.

After being renovated and a rental reserve fund has been levied, they are then re-introduced onto the market.

We provide you with prompt information on the properties being developed on this homepage and on our websites, and

Rheinland-Immobilienverwaltungs AG

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