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Residential properties – ideal for the private investor

Yield instead of zero interest!

Residential properties as retirement provision!

The world seems as if it has been thrown completely off joint. Crises, failing banks and interest rates nearing 0% are worrying savers in Europe and worldwide. The Euro is becoming an unpredictable risk for the retirement provision of millions of people. There is a steady stream of bailout packages. Zero interest rates and ever increasing debts that ultimately hit the tax payer threaten our prosperity.

In addition, there is the yet unsolved refugee crisis with its financial risks and threats to social peace. Thus more and more private investors are looking for a safe way to invest their savings.

Properties – so-called 'concrete gold' – are top of their wish list. 

Not only do the prices, which are still cheap in Germany, play a big role here, but also the tangible worries resulting from the globally growing debt burden and the ECB's unbridled printing of money, particularly as many countries have suffered the distressing experience of inflation multiple times. It is exactly in this context that the advantages and safety of owning real estate are known.

But which properties should you invest in now? In our investment decisions and offers, we concentrate on the lasting ability to let properties in the affordable homes sector. Here we do not focus on the luxury sector within booming cities where, in light of the acquisition price, it is virtually impossible to fetch a yield exceeding 1%, but instead invest specifically in the areas which are not yet overpriced, e.g. the surrounding areas of the booming cities Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Leipzig. In our opinion, these locations offer equally sustainable letting potential, which is also due to an acceptable yield and the further potential of value increase as a result of a lower acquisition price. Prospective buyers who choose to invest in one of our properties on offer therefore participate directly in our success model.

German residential properties with increasing demand

Currently, residential properties in certain locations in Germany still count as an outright bargain in international comparison.

This is because here – unlike in the USA and Spain – the housing bubble did not burst but rather because the price trend was, and remains, organic and steady.

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